About me

Thank you so much for stopping here, it makes my heart sing! I would love to tell you a bit about myself and how I ended up in the vaginal steaming world. My name is Laura and I’m so lucky to call Sunshine Coast, Queensland my home. I was born and raised in Czech Republic, but that’s a different story altogether! I’m a happy mama of two wild boys and have an incredibly supportive and loving husband. I am a certified yoga teacher and ZenThai Shiatsu practitioner. I’ve always had a passion for natural remedies which is why I love vaginal steaming, and want to bestow as many women with the knowledge of this forgotten
healing ancient wisdom.
When I gave birth to my first son, I got my period back only 6 weeks postpartum! I didn’t expect it so soon, my cycle was only 21 days long, I wasn’t sleeping well and being a first-time mum, it was all a bit too much! After my first few vaginal steams my cycle changed to 26 days then soon after to 28 days. With no pain, my cycle had never been better. I actually look forward to my period each month! I continue to be amazed by the power of vaginal steaming. I decided to become Yoni steam facilitator and create Herbs & Steam. In the beginning Herbs & Steam was only about Yoni steaming but after a couple of years it expanded. I wanted to use beautiful natural products, so gradually I added more products like ceremonial cacao or flower bath salts to the range.

All herbs are sourced at best quality,
preferably organic and if possible grown in Australia. I would like to encourage as many
women to dedicate more time for themselves and make a little ritual out of common everyday routine like drinking tea or having a bath. I have also completed a Postpartum and Preparing For Birth course and I hope to help women not only with periods but most importantly before and after birth. I hope you will love the products as much as I do.

Much love


The Team

I feel so grateful to have this amazing people working with Herbs and Steam. I won't be where I'm without all of you! Thank you!

Behind the Herbs and Steam steaming gowns

Karen Kruger

I met Karen while studying Zenthai Shiatsu in 2017. We both live in Peregian so we would share a ride and nice conversations on our way to and from classes. She soon became my very good friend and I'm so grateful for her. She has fully supported me from the moment I shared my dream to start Herbs and Steam. Karen not only makes the beautiful steam gowns but also converts my Czech-English so that all that I write here actually makes some sense. Not always an easy job :D
Thank you Karen for helping me with it all. 

Behind the Herbs and Steam stools

The men from Men's shed are putting in their amazing energy. I'm are so blessed to cooperate with our local Coolum Men's Shed. These wonderful men are hand-crafting each seat with such a care, ensuring they are made to last for generations to come. Please have a look on their website. They are doing so many great things.