The largest vaginal steam database

The Peristeam Hydrotherapist Institute in California is collecting testimonials of people who use vaginal steam to assess whether or not they find the practice beneficial. Participants are asked to rate their health concerns prior to and after vaginal steaming to compare if there is a decline in negative symptoms. Please scroll to read the entries.

  • Veronika

    I have always believed in the amazing power of herbs and decided to try vaginal steaming after having period pain as well as spotting before, after and in the middle of my cycle. Laura chose the right herbs to suit and answered all my questions I had before starting the steaming. I could see some positive changes in my menstrual cycle after the first course of steams. Not to mention gaining relaxing time I dedicate to myself every month now. I would highly recommend this amazing therapy. I wish I knew about this earlier in my life.

  • Livia

    I started vaginal steaming about 4 months ago. I had always very bad menstruation pain in the 3 first day of my menstruation. After I started vaginal steaming I have hardly some pain and my period last 5 days instead of 7. Laura choosed great mix of herbs for me and she is always happy to answer all my question. I really enjoy vaginal steaming every month. It is nice relaxing time for me and the herbs smell amazing. I would recommend this experience to all women.

  • Helen

    I have been steaming with @herbsandsteam gentle herbs for 6 cycles now. Previously my cycle had not been longer than 23 days. I have noticed that my cycle length has balanced to 25 days. I no longer experience spotting prior to my bleed or old blood at the end of my bleed. The ritual of steaming is a sacred time for me to prepare my body and energy to shed and release. Laura has been a beautiful support as I have explored this practice.