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Herbs & Steam

Yoni steaming herbs | Gentle

Yoni steaming herbs | Gentle

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Best choice for short cycle 27 and less days and interim bleeding.

The Gentle herb blend are designed to help mildly clear the uterus from stagnation while also having the added benefit of possibly lengthening menstrual cycles and stopping fresh spotting or interim bleeding. 

This blend is for:
Women with menstrual cycle (27 days or less)

Women who have experienced interim bleeding (fresh spotting or spontaneous bleeding between periods) anytime in the past 3 months.

Women who have experienced two periods per month anytime over the past 3 months.

Postpartum mums who are experiencing heavy blood flow, whose periods return before 9 months postpartum or who have a history of short menstrual cycles.

Note: If you fall into the categories above the Gentle Herbs are going to supersede any of the other herb formulas that you believe might suit you. These are the most important herbs for you to have.

If you are unsure what blend may be the best choice for you please contact me. I would be happy to help to choose the right one. 

The Herbs & Steam Gentle blend has got lavender, nettle, lemon peel, mugwort and astralagus.

All organic.

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